Change Isn't Coming, It’s Already Here

Published: 06/03/2021

Illustration of subsea tree system.
Change Isn't Coming, It’s Already Here
In a presentation from MCEDD 2021, Scott Wilson of OneSubsea explains how Agile SPS helps you manage change.

Today we find ourselves managing the latest shift in global energy transition and consumption trends. Subsea hydrocarbon production remains an essential part of the energy balance, yet it now is surrounded by new competition for investment: alternative energies such as hydrogen, solar power, and wind. This is all part of a change in how our global society is evolving in light of world events. Change is all around us―as it always is. Agility, constant collaboration, and a commitment to drive pace will help operators manage the changes and uncertainty that come with the development of subsea assets. People and technology provide the foundation to drive progress for this pivotal moment in our industry.

Subsea development is a game of risk: managing a range of knowns and unknowns; identifying and capturing the upper and lower bounds of several variables and understanding the spaces in between. This presentation describes Agile SPS, a way of working to manage the moving parts and increase confidence in the answers to key subsea project questions.