Sustainability from the seabed up

Sustainability is a fundamental part of how we operate. It’s a long-term journey, one that we will be able to accelerate with our newly combined capabilities. We are excited by the bold steps we will take together toward a sustainable energy future, balancing energy access with environmental stewardship, and advancing sustainability.

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Our technology enablers

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Sustainability reports

Read the latest reports on the sustainability commitments and progress of our parent companies.

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Climate action

Our road map to net zero, helping to reduce emissions in customers’ operations, and new energy opportunities guide our strategy.

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We put people first by respecting human rights, building a more inclusive workplace, and driving positive socioeconomic outcomes.

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We've identified three key environmental issues that are significant for our operations: biodiversity, natural resources, and circularity.

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Getting to net zero and the role of the carbon budget curve

The carbon budget curve is a reminder of our collective path toward carbon negativity, but how can we truly drive energy innovation beyond net zero?

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