World Oil Webcast: Agile SPS | Video

Published: 06/24/2021

Illustration of subsea tree system.
World Oil Webcast: Agile SPS
A World Oil webcast explains how Agile SPS helps strengthen your subsea business case & optimize economics.

Historically, the subsea development workflow was sequential, fragmented, and not adaptive to change. That has made it difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to manage the changes that are inevitable in the energy industry. OneSubsea Agile subsea production system (Agile SPS) enhances subsea performance from appraisal to abandonment to mitigate dynamic risks associated with subsea production system selection, configuration, delivery, and production. And regardless of your basin's status, development phase, or current infrastructure, Agile SPS brings optimized performance through life-of-field configurability.

Agile SPS adapts to demanding field conditions for the life of the field, incorporating a standard platform that starts with a common core and adapts to your requirements with numerous fit-for-purpose modules that address technical challenges without affecting the core performance. In this World Oil webcast, you will discover how Agile SPS offers you the responsiveness, functionality, and certainty you need to strengthen your business case and optimize economic viability in your basin.