Configurable Vertical Tree Platform | Video

Published: 08/24/2021

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Configurable Vertical Tree Platform
Adapt rapidly with agility using a life-of-field configurable vertical tree platform that enables flexible subsea tree architecture.

Changes will happen over the life of your subsea fields. Global economics change, the reservoir conditions change, your priorities change. What hasn’t changed for many operators is using engineered-to-order trees to develop a field, which may lead to problems later. But what if you could be more agile in your subsea development?

Subsea agility begins with a robust and adaptable platform. The standardized core of the OneSubsea configurable vertical tree platform enables a consistent, reliable, and highly flexible subsea tree architecture that you can easily and rapidly configure to suit your well and basin requirements.

While the standard tree core remains unchanged, together, we can select from a variety of flowline connection systems, wellhead interface options, and fixed and retrievable flowpath modules. Then, you can reconfigure your system throughout the life of your field.

The configurable vertical tree platform gives you economical life-of-field configurability with the agility to solve today’s subsea challenges and tomorrow’s.

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