Ormen Lange subsea compression

One of the world’s most complex and technically demanding gas field developments.
Norway, Europe

No other Norwegian field produces from such deep water, under such harsh conditions and with such advanced equipment as the Ormen Lange field. To extend its lifetime and maximize recovery, we co-designed with our customer a subsea compression system powered by low-carbon electricity and operating at a water depth of 900m.


km tie-back distance.


m3/h optimized levels of production.


Supplies one-fifth of UK gas consumption.

Taking market-leading technology to the seabed

We are building the world’s deepest subsea compression facility at the Ormen Lange Field, one of Norway’s most complex and technically challenging locations. Discovered in 1997 and producing since 2007, the field has now produced about 55% of its gas reserves and there is a need to extend its lifetime and maximize recovery.

The Ormen Lange subsea multiphase compression project is expanding the prior limits of this technology, At the same time, this is one of the lowest-carbon-footprint developments globally, with green hydroelectric energy powering the subsea compressors.

A first in subsea compression

The project sees a subsea compressor installed 120km from the onshore facility – which has never been done before and is a genuine step-change for the wider industry. 

The system uses two compression stations, each containing two compression modules. Each compressor can provide up to 50-bar differential pressure (DP), configured in parallel for a large volumetric flow capacity. The 32-MW subsea multiphase compression system will use onshore VDSs located 120km away, eliminating subsea VSDs or topside alternatives to improve project economics. Once the system is commissioned, our Subsea live data-driven performance service will use remote monitoring and data analysis to optimize performance. 

Our award-winning subsea multiphase compressor is the world’s first and only true subsea wet gas compressor. Conventional compressors require perfectly dry gas to operate safely and efficiently, whereas our subsea compression system can operate with the unprocessed multiphase well stream. 

A new era of production and efficiency

By using subsea multiphase compression, the Ormen Lange will unlock a further 30-50 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the field, increasing the recovery rate from 75% to 85% while halving the field’s energy consumption. 

An added benefit is the estimated reduction in power consumption of 50% per unit volume of gas produced, compared with a conventional topside solution.

Bar chart showing actual and projected daily gas production from 2007 to 2034 with relative contributions for natural production, topside compression, and subsea compression from the Ormen Lange gas field in Norway.

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