Driving value from natural gas

In a world where offshore gas will remain an important part of the energy mix for decades to come, subsea technologies often bring the most cost- and carbon- efficient solutions.

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LNG tanker with red storage tanks surrounded by calm waters and a purple-hued sky at twilight.

An energy source hindered
by obstacles

The role of gas in the global energy mix has been a story of unfulfilled potential – largely because of a lack of infrastructure. But it could be so much more significant. As more countries prioritize energy security, locally sourced natural gas could grow in importance. There is a lot of “stranded gas” which is not economically viable because of CO2 volumes, but there are also large natural gas fields worldwide waiting to be tapped. Free-flowing gas from new wells is the most efficient source, as compressing gas to extract it drives up energy demand, and hence emissions and costs. We can help address all these challenges – and unlock new opportunities.

Making natural gas economic
and attractive

We push what’s possible and viable in extracting, handling and utilizing subsea gas. For example, we delivered the world’s first subsea gas compression system at the Åsgard field in Norway. Since 2015, our all-electric technology has run at 99% uptime, enabling the recovery of an additional 306 million barrels of oil equivalent, with a significantly lower carbon footprint than a comparable topside installation. We can run dynamic umbilicals many miles back to shore, and our trees are specialized for gas fields, accommodating pressure drops and boosting production volumes.

With three-quarters of the world’s natural gas fields untapped, the potential is significant.

3D render of a Compressor.
Combining innovation with proven effectiveness

We are world leaders in subsea gas compression and innovation, with a track record of successfully unlocking new possibilities. In terms of the role of subsea technology in increasing offshore gas’s potential, we believe the energy industry has only scratched the surface.

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