Long subsea tiebacks

Subsea boosting and compression systems can help unlock your field’s full potential by increasing drawdown beyond what is possible with the reservoir’s natural drive for long distances. Long subsea tie-backs to existing infrastructure minimize capex and project lead times, as well as enable production from otherwise non-viable fields.

Offshore platform in the sea with a helicopter taking off during sunset, with abstract horizontal lines transitioning out of the image.
Image of subsea compression frame on a quay-side at Horsoy outside Bergen, Norway with person in organge coverall waling in front of it.

Maximize returns with subsea boosting and compression

Subsea boosting and compression systems accelerate recovery and improve flow rates, helping you capture more value earlier in the project cycle to decrease payback time. More control over drawdown also enables effective management of the reservoir, maximizing both efficiency and the lifecycle of all your assets.

Compared with the option of lowering the near-end pressure using topside technology, compressing gas near the start of a long production flowline (where gas pressure is higher) is significantly more energy efficient over the productive life of the asset – with significantly lower CO2 emissions.

The world’s first subsea multiphase compression system

Conventional compressors require perfectly dry gas to operate safely and efficiently, with complex equipment needed to eliminate any liquids and pump them separately.

Our subsea compression system, however, can operate with the unprocessed multiphase well stream, with liquid fractions ranging from 0% to 100%, as well as tolerate sand and solids. With tieback solutions available up to 150km in range, compression and booster systems can now be installed while saving on additional infrastructure with no compromise on safety or effectiveness.

Historical image showing a picture of the napkin where the principles behind the Aasgard technical solution for the compression system was first conceived. Aasgard is a gas field in Norway.
Long subsea tiebacks to reduce energy use and boost recovery
Our long subsea tiebacks solutions allow remote assets to benefit from the recovery and energy-efficiency offered by subsea compression and boosting.

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