SLB All-Electric System: The Future Is On | Video

Published: 09/03/2021

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SLB All-Electric System: The Future Is On
Reliability, real-time data flow, and dynamic precision control

Making the switch to greater performance at lower impact will take an industrywide transformation. Electrohydraulic and mechanical systems have sufficed the oil field so far. Your future performance needs greater reliability, real-time data flow, and dynamic precision control to empower operations at the lowest carbon per barrel.

The future is now.

The SLB all-electric system delivers the power behind performance. Cleaner, lighter systems that are simpler in design and safer to operate. Limitless power to anywhere. Precision control and real-time feedback at your fingertips. Insight-driven decision making.

From reservoir to surface, extended electric wells enable you to increase reservoir contact and connect more closely to reservoir dynamics. Now you can lower the costs of lifting and consume fewer resources to generate greater returns, from fewer wells, for longer. Rescuing stranded reserves with longer step-outs from existing facilities? It’s on.

Electrification extends the reach and capabilities of your personnel to get them closer to the action in real time without intervention, empowering your team to perform from anywhere. Energize your reservoir, energize your operations, and experience the power behind performance with the SLB all-electric system.

The future is on.

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