STM-15 E

Subsea wellhead system

The STM-15 E subsea wellhead system is used for wells being completed with a subsea tree tied back to a fixed bottom-supported platform, and for drilling exploratory wells. The system is ideal for all 15,000-psi drilling and completion operations in moderate water depths.

The high-pressure housing is machined from F-22, 85,000-psi-yield forged material and is available for H2S service. The STM-15 E system incorporates the field-proven parallel bore metal (PBM) metal-to-metal seal.


  • Suitable for 15,000-psi operation
  • Single landing shoulder with 7,000,000-lbf end-load carrying capacity
  • Up to 2,500,000-ft.lbf bending capacity and 1,000,000-lbf tensile capacity
  • Passive lockdown mechanism between high- and low-pressure housings
  • 17.825-in minimum ID bore, which will pass 16-in casing
  • Separate adapter for landing a 16-in hanger with testable retrievable seal
  • 16-in, 6,500-psi casing hanger system available
Subsea wellhead on rig floor