CVC Vertical Collet Connection System | OneSubsea


Vertical collet connection system

No pipe deflection required for connection makeup
Two size ranges for multiple applications
2,500+ installations in 50+ jobs since 1998
CVC system being lowered into water

The CVC system's components include

  • hub support mounted on the subsea structure
  • collet connector mounted on the flowline or jumper to be connected
  • retrievable, reusable running tool independently operated by ROV—with no hydraulics on the connections themselves.

The system's simplicity, versatility, and reliability satisfy your subsea production requirements while saving money in the process.

Simplified components

  • Running tool available in two size ranges (from 4 to 12 in and 14 to 20 in) to accommodate multiple applications
  • Seal replacement tool to remove and replace the gasket, if required, without retrieving the jumper to surface
  • Standardized, modular inboard and outboard components to enable faster delivery
  • Doghouse that has passed thermal qualification testing
  • Connector that locks and preloads by moving the actuator ring downward over the finger’s taper; segmented fingers pivot to grasp mating hub
  • Pressure cap that is easily installed, tested, and retrieved
CVC system schematic with callouts
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CVC system schematic with callouts