Agile Returns for Subsea Production

Accelerate subsea project ROI and reduce total cost of ownership with Agile SPS

Improve financial flexibility
Standardization enables deferred cash flow while maintaining schedule certainty.
Eliminate waste spend
Flexibility eliminates rework and reengineering.
Cut inventory
Tools and spares can be shared among projects.
Q2: Customer Value of Agile SPS
Expert panelists explain how Agile SPS with constant collaboration adds value to subsea customers.

Delay your cash flow, minimize risk, and accelerate subsea project ROI

Conventional engineered-to-order subsea production systems are inflexible, time consuming, and costly from early in the process through first oil. They require early cash flow that increases risks but adapt poorly to economic and technology changes; when you start, you’re financially locked in over the full project timeline.

The Agile SPS approach minimizes early project risk and cash flow with standardized and flexible technology, configured for your project. Standardization improves costs with economies of scale, and constant collaboration reduces longer-term risks by helping you manage scheduling, defer decision making, and respond to change over the full project life cycle.

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At the top, a conventional subsea engineering project starts with considerable investment—and risk—from the pre-FEED stage and adds costs at the execution stage. In the center, Agile SPS approach in a brownfield project reduces front-end costs, smooths cash flow, and accelerates first oil and ROI. At the bottom, Agile SPS in a greenfield development defers cash flow while maintaining schedule and cost certainty. The project driver in the bottom case is the FPSO arrival, rather than the delivery of the subsea production system, which improves your financial flexibility.

Gain flexibility and cost savings from standardized subsea production equipment

Based on a robust and standardized core, the Agile SPS cuts costs and maximizes flexibility to meet your project goals.

You gain other economic benefits as well. Our rental tool fleet is compatible with our 10,000- and 15,000-psi tree systems, and we can hold your spares because the standard modules can be used across all customer projects.

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