Agile Adaptability for Subsea Production

Relocate equipment quickly to optimize your global portfolio with Agile SPS

Share equipment among projects
Tools and spares can be shared among projects.
Rapidly relocate equipment
Standardization facilitates reuse of equipment as conditions change.
Standardize training
Uniformity in your global portfolio reduces human error in installation and maintenance.
A subsea tree used in the Gulf of Mexico was the used again in Egypt, Trinidad, and Tobago
Reallocate equipment quickly to optimize global portfolio.

Consolidate global planning with standardized subsea production equipment

Agility for your subsea technology portfolio begins with a strong core. That’s why our standardized tree platform is ideal for one field, a whole basin, or global deployment. The standardized and configurable platform maximizes application versatility and agility. By deploying consistent technology across your fields and basins, you can more easily manage change. With standard modules, it’s easy to quickly reallocate equipment to optimize a global portfolio, without having to redesign from the ground up. That keeps your projects on schedule. Plus, your personnel won’t have to learn a whole new system.

Our collaborative field development service, coupled with Agile SPS and its standard configurability, enables seamless updates without disruption to delivery certainty and ROI through maintaining production and increasing recovery. Our unique domain knowledge and technical expertise can enable advancement in new technology to unlock new frontiers, such as 20,000-psi and all-electric solutions.

Manage subsea equipment inventory and cash flow while maintaining agility

Standardization also improves inventory management, enabling you to reduce inventory through consolidation and centralized management of spares that work throughout your operations. Storing fewer spares means you’ll need less warehouse space and have less cash tied up in inventory.

Agile manufacturing processes also mean you don’t have to worry about scalability because delivery timelines are shorter, and constant collaboration maintains the relationships you need to ensure rapid service.

The commonalities among your global projects also enable you to use real-time connections through our digital platforms for technical support and common training programs.

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