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Agile Subsea Production Systems

Collaborative subsea engineering and design optimized for your subsea development

    Agile schedule
    Ensure reliable delivery with budget certainty.
    Agile returns
    Accelerate ROI and reduce total cost of ownership.
    Agile configurability
    Adapt to dynamic conditions for the life of the field.
    Agile adaptability
    Optimize global portfolio with equipment relocation.
    Agile sustainability
    Reduce emissions and environmental impact.

    Agile subsea production systems (SPS) from OneSubsea deliver the responsiveness, functionality, and certainty that a lifetime of subsea production demands by using the industry’s most dynamic and flexible subsea production systems.

    Subsea engineering for maximum reservoir performance agility

    Agile SPS enhances subsea performance from appraisal through abandonment to unlock the full economic potential of the field. This agility considers the total asset journey from day one to maximize the value of an asset over time and provide a new level of customer collaboration.

    Agile SPS facilitates operator-supplier alignment at every stage of the field development life cycle, combining standard, configurable subsea production system components with life-of-field optimization to improve reservoir performance.

    Throughout the project life cycle, the ability to quickly evaluate development solutions, configure product platforms, and deliver life-of-field solutions is critical. Agile SPS provides the responsiveness, functionality, and certainty you need to ultimately strengthen the business case and optimize economic viability in your basin or reservoir.

    Illustration of subsea tree system.

    Agile SPS from OneSubsea mitigates the dynamic risks and industry challenges associated with subsea production systems—project alignment, selection, design, delivery, and production performance.

    Image of man and woman collaborating at a computer.

    Reducing risk and improving agility with constant collaboration

    From project teams and subsea development contractors to changes from natural turnover and cultural discipline, gaining alignment can be challenging when sanctioning a project.

    Agile SPS, however, eliminates these challenges through constant collaboration. Proven, orchestrated workflows and programs and reduced time to delivery through simplified call-off contracts create alignment, eliminate errors, and minimize risk.

    Adapting your subsea development to quickly respond to basin and reservoir changes

    Agile SPS enables you to adapt to changes in basin and reservoir performance at any stage in the life cycle. Agile SPS, coupled with our collaborative subsea field development service and its standard configurability, enables faster, seamless updates without disruption to delivery certainty and ROI. By adapting quickly to reservoir and fluid changes, you can maintain production and increase recovery.

    Image of team exploring subsea field development options.
    Change Isn't Coming, It's Already Here
    In a presentation from MCEDD 2021, Scott Wilson of OneSubsea explains how Agile SPS can help you manage the moving parts of your subsea production system and increase confidence in the answers to key subsea project questions—for the full lifetime of your field.
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    Three horizontal subsea trees are prepared for loadout in the GOM.
    Preengineered, standard horizontal subsea trees prepared for loadout in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Implementing standard subsea systems and designs to ensure delivery certainty

    Delivering with certainty is a key enabler to the success of any project. Agile SPS eliminates costly engineering and manufacturing delays while maximizing functionality and configurability. Standard designs create an optimized value chain through an always-ready plug-and-play capability with standard supply chain and manufacturing processes.

    An agile product streamlines manufacturing and enables a consistent, unwavering delivery schedule to bring certainty to the plan.

    Agile Subsea Production Systems

    Optimize investment. Maximize returns.

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    • Reduce schedule time and deliver with certainty
    • Bring production online sooner to increase ROI
    • Adapt to dynamic life-of-field conditions
    • Maximize flexibility and versatility
    • Reduce emissions and environmental impact
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