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Vx Omni

Subsea multiphase flowmeter

20+ years
Unparalleled Vx technology metrology
Up to 20,000 psi
HPHT design
Standardized components
26 weeks
Fast delivery time
216 years
Mean time between failure

The highest accuracy available—for all applications, pressures, environments, and fluid phases

The Vx Omni subsea multiphase flowmeter is a reduced-footprint, highly accurate flowmeter that takes application of flowmeter technology to 20,000 psi while

  • expanding on capital efficiency
  • expediting lead times
  • achieving unparalleled reliability.

It opens up new possibilities with its capability for the highest accuracy available in all applications, pressures, and environments for all fluid phases.

Unparalleled performance

Leveraging Vx multiphase well testing technology, the Vx Omni flowmeter requires no process control or complex signal reintegration because it is insensitive to the chaotic nature of multiphase flow. The technique ensures accurate and repeatable flow rate measurements in any multiphase flow regime and in production fluids ranging from heavy oil to wet gas.

Technician working on silver Vx Omni flowmeter in a warehouse.
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Vx Omni Subsea Multiphase Flowmeter Interview
Alexandre Lupeau discusses the Vx Omni flowmeter at OTC 2019

Smarter production systems

The Vx Omni flowmeter is the core of an interconnected digital production system, providing highly accurate multiphase flow measurement at the wellhead. Data gathered from the meter are computed to generate actionable outcomes, insights, and intelligence. The result? Optimal workflows for reservoir and fluids management and condition monitoring that help you increase control and make better, smarter decisions across the entire production cycle.

Capital efficiency

The Vx Omni flowmeter offers new possibilities to obtaining data about gas, oil, and water flow from subsea development wells, including those to remote locations. It can provide substantial cost savings through downscaling or eliminating surface well testing facilities and subsea test lines. Design simplification has resulted in reduced number of parts and complexity.

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