Subsea Performance Modeling

Accurate production and economics forecasting

SPE Tech Talk: Integrated Field Development for Optimal Subsea Asset Design

June 30, 2022, 10:00 a.m. CDT


Join OneSubsea’s Ron Pfluger and John Richardson as they explain how the subsea field development service’s engineers accelerate optimizing subsea asset design development by connecting multiple domains within the in-house-developed Subsea Planner collaborative field development solution. Comparing numerous scenarios enables quickly optimizing for high-quality decisions, design innovation, and asset value.


Hydrocarbon recovery has three key components: the reservoir, the well, and the facility. Each must be fully defined and their interactions understood to optimize the asset value chain. One change in any of these three has effects upstream and downstream.

The subsea performance modeling domain uses a collaborative engineering approach to field development planning, combining people, software and technology, from pore to process, throughout the life of the field.

This holistic solution combines the reservoir, wells, surface infrastructure, and process facilities—as well as the asset’s operating parameters, financial metrics, and economic conditions—in a single integrated environment.

Drillship connecting to subsea reservoir
Computer model of subsea field architecture.

Our approach to field development planning yields

  • plans and strategies that consider all upstream and downstream constraints
  • asset architecture that is properly designed and scaled for the range of reservoir conditions
  • facilities developed with full reservoir knowledge to avoid overdesign
  • greater transparency between engineering and financial operations, providing dollar-based (not barrel-based) answers
  • operation models for controls design and evaluation, startup and shutdown planning, and online model deployment for model-based surveillance.

Backed by our experience in a range of integrated field development studies, our work processes rapidly formulate development architectures that efficiently evolve into a robust development concept and improved development economics.

As a result, you achieve viable, accelerated field development solutions, with costs optimized and overall risk and uncertainty mitigated.

Two people in blue Schlumberger PPE.