Subsea Control Systems

Field-proven, robust, reliable technology

With hundreds of subsea control modules installed and working throughout the world, OneSubsea understands that control systems require meticulous precision and expertise.

Through investments in R&D, testing, and highly skilled personnel, we have ensured that the facilities and people that design and manufacture our control systems are among the best in the world.

Subsea control systems and their related ancillary equipment are critical to supporting the evolution of existing and new technologies that can be placed on the seafloor. Not only does it provide the needed control, but, more importantly, it enables feedback of important process information.

With OneSubsea state-of-the-art copper or fiber-optic systems using common TCP/IP technology, we can connect all current and future devices to a fully integrated control system.

Subsea control systems.
Subsea control systems.

Through standardized processes, common core components, and qualified, field-proven assemblies, OneSubsea can deliver a complete control system solution—from topside through subsea distribution to within 12 months. 

All-Electric Technologies

Eliminate hydraulics for flexible, cost-efficient, reliable subsea production. 

Topside Controls

Communicate with your subsea infrastructure.

Subsea Distribution

Control, communicate with, and optimize your field.

Manifold- and Tree-Mounted Controls

Customize from a suite of standard components to meet your project needs.

Subsea Pump Control System

Accelerate response times while safely monitoring and controlling pumps.

Diamould Electric Connectors

Choose innovative solutions for deepwater, HPHT, and sour applications.