For water, oil, and gas mixtures with high gas volume fractions

Multiphase pumps are based on a rotodynamic pumping principle and use helicoaxial technology. The principle has been developed to add energy to a fluid mixture of water, oil, and gas (i.e., an unprocessed wellstream). The pump is arranged as a multistage unit.

The design is inherently robust and wear-resistant in conditions where particles such as sand may be present, a common occurrence in most production systems. The technology has been developed to handle hydrocarbon flow with gas volume fractions (GVF) of up to 100% mechanically and up to 95% operationally. The pump can generate a differential pressure of up to 2,900 psi [200 bar] depending on the actual GVF at suction conditions. The design has also been tested and operated with fluid viscosities ranging from 1 cP to 4,000 cP (at startup).