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Powering Field Architecture

Reach subsea targets quicker using fewer, more productive wells

Optimizing field architecture to reduce totex

The most profitable projects all start from exactly the same place; each is built on a solid foundation of efficient, streamlined field architecture. Our subsea processing systems open up a world of new possibilities, enabling you to go further and reach targets using fewer, more productive wells—dramatically reducing your initial subsea drilling expenditure.

Remote wells can be connected to existing facilities, while our range of multiphase boosting and efficient tieback solutions give you greater choice over flowline, riser, and other design specifications to create the optimal layout.

This increased flexibility helps to reduce capex, extend operational life, reduce energy consumption, and improve efficiency. The warmer fluids, energized by powered production, have also proven to protect topsides against hydrates and wax deposition.

Powering field architecture
Multiphase Pump Makes Exmouth Basin Project Technically and Economically Viable
Highly complex field architecture was making the Exmouth Basin subsea project economically unviable, despite significantly higher oil prices.

Standardizing the integrated subsea equipment over time enabled us to gradually remove the existing subsea transformers and replace them with a far more capital-efficient tieback and multiphase solution.
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