Redefining economic viability with a new approach to subsea efficiency

Incrementally rising capital expenses has impacted the development and production of oil and gas, especially in deep water, where long lead times and high infrastructure costs can push back initial production and even threaten a project’s economic feasibility.

The OneSubsea portfolio of standardized designs supports streamlined processes, documentation, and manufacturing to deliver integrated production systems that reduce project cycle time and overall cost.

Customized to your field architecture, these capex-optimized solutions can revitalize production from brownfields and maximize recovery from new ones, helping you transform deepwater economics across the life of the asset.

Six integrated strategies

  • Standard material, quality, welding, and paint specifications
  • Standard designs, including functional design specification 
  • Qualified components
  • Released subassembly bill of materials 
  • Approved vendor list
  • Available in OneSubsea internal catalog

Standardization concept

OneSubsea capital-efficient solutions follow two concepts—an “assembly kit” strategy of qualified modules, and a “module strategy” that includes a scalable platform outfitted with modules. These standards enable OneSubsea to engineer, manufacture, and deliver solutions globally as soon as 6 months after contract award.

Capital-efficient products

  • Subsea trees
  • Manifolds
  • Controls
  • Connection systems
  • Wellheads