A range of tools and techniques for flow assurance

Production assurance strategies are an integral part of production operations and often incorporate production surveillance, operational well and pipeline remediation, and techniques to prevent and mitigate factors that can negatively affect fluid flow.

Expert advice for operations management

Effective production operations management requires numerous techniques and tools to monitor and optimize production. OneSubsea can provide expert advice in the following areas:

  • Sensors
  • Data acquisition, validation, and storage
  • Integrated asset management
  • Production operations, including surveillance
  • Well intervention
  • Flowline remediation.

Predictive models to optimize mitigation strategies

A continuous stream of measurements and fluid properties data facilitates effective production operations management. Surveillance instrumentation installed in the flow path delivers data in real time. The data stream feeds predictive models for solids deposition, corrosion, rheology, and thermodynamics.

Measurements such as distributed temperature and multiphase flow parameters reduce uncertainty and improve these models. The result is an effective closed-loop process using fluids data, flow models, and real-time measurements. This loop drives the optimization of mitigation strategies and should be included in the production system design as early as possible. With advanced planning, any overtreatment to address worst-case scenarios can be minimized, and remedial techniques, including thermal, chemical, or mechanical methods, can be put into place to prevent plugging and other challenges to production assurance.