Cost-effective, operationally efficient solutions for deepwater and long step-out production

Industry-standard electrohydraulic actuation can be heavy, logistically complex, environmentally risky, and costly. That’s why OneSubsea engineered all-electric technologies that enable flexible, cost-efficient, and reliable subsea production—especially in challenging environments such as ultradeep water and in long-step-out operations.

  • 1,000,000+ hours of operation by OneSubsea electric actuators with no failure
  • 20% cost reduction compared with electrohydraulic systems in multiple case studies
  • 25 years of design life for valve actuators
  • 10 years of operation by the first electric production system deployed subsea

High efficiency over long distances
Using high-voltage DC for long-distance power transmission is significantly more efficient compared with either AC power or hydraulic pressure.

Smaller footprint
Our electric umbilicals have a smaller cross section, enabling the manufacturing and spooling of longer continuous lengths and facilitating the use of a smaller installation vessel. And on long step-outs, splices in the umbilical can be reduced or even eliminated. Overall equipment weight is also reduced, and small-bore welding is reduced by up to 60%.

Zero hydraulics-related risks
Because hydraulic fluid is not required for actuation, the risk of discharging hydraulic fluid to the environment and hydraulic pressure safety issues are completely eliminated.

Real-time optimization with FRIEND system
Paired with our all-electric technologies, the FRIEND remote surveillance and diagnostic system can further optimize equipment lifetime by avoiding production interruptions and reducing operational costs with real-time condition-based monitoring of subsea equipment. Since 2006, the FRIEND system has monitored more than 45,000 quality data points from more than 100 subsea systems worldwide, achieving an availability uptime of 99.82%.