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Offshore Cryogenic Transfer System

Safe transfer of LNG between two floating vessels

The OneSubsea offshore cryogenic transfer (OCT) technology is based on a tandem ship-to-ship configuration that has been used successfully in offshore oil transfer for more than 30 years with more than 20,000 loading operations carried out worldwide.

Because the OCT system can accommodate a separation distance to 328 ft [100 m], large relative movements are allowed by both the producer (FLNG vessel) and the LNG carrier. Maximum wave heights during connect and disconnect are 15 ft [4.5 m] and 18 ft [5.5 m] (Hs), respectively.

The system consists of an A-frame crane extending from the stern of the FLNG vessel toward the bow of the LNG carrier. Three corrugated stainless steel vacuum-insulated flexible pipes are used for LNG, and one is used for a vapor return loading facility in the bow.

Illustration of cryogenic transfer