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Subsea Sampling

Maximize reservoir understanding and production

As fluid properties change over the producing life of the field, operators continue to look for more practical and cost-effective alternatives to downhole and surface sampling methods. OneSubsea offers a suite of subsea sampling services that provides high-quality multiphase fluid samples for full recombination and equation of state modeling.

Our sampling systems possess several features that make subsea sampling safe and efficient, including

  • pump-driven (isobaric) sampling
  • phase detection and phase enrichment
  • three-phase representative sampling
  • remotely controled systems
  • transportable and pressure-compensated sample receptacles
  • easy and flexible integration into a variety of subsea hardware
  • compatibility with work-class ROVs
  • flexibility for different sampling applications.

Our sampling services cover the entire spectrum of fluid sampling and analysis, from collecting samples at the seafloor to reporting the final results. OneSubsea maintains a complete chain of custody throughout each sample’s journey, with proper controls and procedures in place to maintain the sample’s integrity.

Subsea sampling equipment on the seabed floor.
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