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Subsea Live

Data-driven performance service

Rapid Decision Certainty

Employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to efficiently extract information from large volumes of data and deliver automated actionable insights

Facilitate collaboration with domain experts

Maximized Uptime

Increase subsea production system availability through proven technical reliability

Integrate smart monitoring and proactive maintenance services to extend equipment lifetime and safeguard operational uptime

Optimized Operations

Efficiently manage system-wide operational challenges

Incorporate maintenance planning and flow assurance for ensuring system-wide performance and integrity

Reduced Emissions

Decrease unplanned vessel intervention trips and time on site

Deploy fewer personnel offshore

Optimize Subsea Asset Performance with a Collaborative Digital Solution
Join Digital Life of Field Domain Champion Dr. Christopher Bridge and Digital Solutions Product Champion Cedric Chidiac to learn how Subsea Live data-driven performance service enables operators to transition from reactive to proactive operations for enhanced asset performance.
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Subsea Live Data-Driven Performance Service
Extract value from your data to optimize subsea asset performance through AI, automation, and OEM expertise in a collaborative digital solution.

Extracting value from subsea data to power agile production performance

Subsea Live data-driven performance service enables collaboratively enhancing subsea operations by providing prescriptive health, operational, and production insights. Data analysis using AI and ML is visually displayed for teams to comprehensively monitor field conditions and quickly understand and address potential problems—before they adversely affect operations.
OneSubsea operator look at multiple computer screens of data
By visualizing equipment condition and performance, operators and Schlumberger domain experts work together to optimize operational uptime and safety.
World map of Schlumberger subsea involvement locations.
Subsea Live service leverages more than a decade and a half of collaborative production monitoring, analysis, and optimization experience across the world’s subsea basins.

The collaborative digital approach to optimizing subsea production

Born from OneSubsea’s more than 15 years of experience with remote monitoring and data analysis, Subsea Live data-driven performance service expands the collaborative monitoring experience to the entire subsea production system while providing modularity and customization to meet your specific needs.

You’ve told us that you need a more reliable, faster, and simpler way to comprehensively access

  • automated data analysis
  • prescriptive insights
  • rapid decision making
  • integrated system oversight.

Subsea Live service provides these capabilities in a secure synergetic environment that integrates connection to Schlumberger experts, workflows incorporating remote surveillance and diagnostics, and artificial intelligence.

Subsea Live service's holistic total-system solutions ensure that all risks and opportunities are identified and addressed early to provide complete system availability and enhanced performance during operations.

Health Insights

Determine and predict hardware health to ensure system integrity and optimal performance

Keep your subsea equipment operating in good condition day in and day out with Subsea Live service’s timely identification of issues and their risk posed along with rapid diagnosis of root causes.

Your surveillance experience is streamlined with quick-look understanding of the system’s performance and integrity specific to the parameters that you want to track, which you can change as needed. And where attention is needed, it’s clearly flagged.

Subsea Live Health and Performance Insights screen
Subsea Live Health and Performance Insights screen
Operational Insights

Assess equipment operations to enhance system performance

Maintain peak performance of your equipment and subsea field operations overall across their production lifetime. The key is proactively preventing future problems by monitoring to detect unusual patterns and diagnosing their potential long-term risks. In turn, these capabilities streamline troubleshooting efforts.

Plan maintenance

Subsea Live service enables planning more-informed shutdowns to align with your maintenance strategy by making sure you have the right personnel and parts for repair.

Improve uptime

You’ll have insights in advance for planning downtime and intervention campaigns while benefiting from optimized performance.

Subsea Live Health and Operational Insights screen
Subsea Live Health and Operational Insights screen
Production Insights

Optimizing production and assuring flow

Managing your subsea operations system wide is challenging, and that has to include addressing changes in production over time and accommodating both planned and unplanned interruptions. Individual issues range from flow assurance to the management of sand, water, and chemicals—and all must be balanced in optimizing production overall.

So, how do you shift from management that’s reactive to proactive? Subsea Live service answers these numerous challenges by enabling you to collaboratively develop and apply data-derived strategies to optimize production and minimize declines or interruptions.

Subsea Live Production Insights screen
Subsea Live Production Insights screen

Welcome to your collaborative space for tackling issues as one team

As a key component of the OneSubsea digital ecosystem, Subsea Live service integrates data management and analysis to deliver insights to a secure collaborative environment. Read how open collaboration ensures reliable delivery and budget certainty for Agile subsea production systems.

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  • Tailor multiple dashboards for each field, piece of equipment, or user
  • Generate integrity reports and forecasts of system status
  • Maintain constant communication with offshore staff and report issues to line managers or vendors
  • Coordinate with domain experts and vendors for troubleshooting
  • Quickly achieve consensus on root causes, severity, and action plans for easily creating your own solutions with flexible options
  • Share and learn from experience

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Subsea Live portfolio of equipment
As instrumentation expands with electrification, even more data will be captured, requiring greater management efficiency to be of use.
Subsea Live portfolio of equipment

Is too much data obscuring your insight?

Trying to analyze and benefit from the flood of data streaming from subsea systems can be a challenge on its own. Subsea Live service centralizes information in a single secure source of truth, accessible for whomever you designate across your operations and enabling collaboration with our experts. But the service doesn’t just provide high capacity for data management—it brings the addition of context to the information and delivery via a visually rich user interface to significantly reduce the complexity of decision making.

Subsea Live service leverages the power of advanced analytics paired with domain expertise for applying value-adding algorithms that differentiate what’s relevant for your purposes. The result is an optimal digital experience for all users, whether they are looking at optimizing the performance of their assets or building learning by understanding the overall performance and condition of multiple assets and applying this knowledge to future project planning and design.

Real-time subsea hydrate management in the world’s longest subsea tieback
Without integrated multiphase flowmeters or available monoethylene glycol (MEG) regeneration capacity at startup, a fast-tracked subsea system was not protected against hydrate formation. The operator collaborated with OneSubsea experts to identify an elegant solution: sensors were added to detect free water and an ultrasonic chemical injection metering valve was used to precisely control the finite MEG supply to achieve a successful startup.
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