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Subsea Live

Data-driven performance service

Real-time performance and condition monitoring for proactive support

Condition monitoring based on real-time data is an integral part of the operational support we provide with our products and systems. Subsea Live data-driven performance service provides valuable information that enables proactive support for operational issues, helping you

  • extend equipment lifetime
  • avoid interruptions to production
  • reduce operational costs.
 FRIEND System Service Levels.
 FRIEND System Service Levels.

Virtual flowmetering (VFM) service

One module of the Subsea Live service is the VFM service, which delivers a range of valuable well information that enables more accurate, faster field operation decisions. The VFM service delivers three-phase flow rates for production wells; single-phase flow rates for water injection wells; and automatic detection of changes in formation water breakthrough, gas/oil ratio, reservoir pressure and temperature, and pressure or temperature sensor drift.

A cost-effective alternative to conventional multiphase metering, the VFM service can be used as a multiphase meter replacement, meter backup, or complement to other technology (such as Vx Omni subsea multiphase flowmeter or AquaWatcher water analysis sensor) for additional insight and decision-making certainty.

Production management system

Integrating Subsea Live service with Schlumberger OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator further streamlines production operations by bringing together all flow assurance indicators in one place. The simulator provides real-time standardized, model-based views designed specifically for monitoring production variables, including flow, pipeline performance, hydrates, pigging, inhibitor injection, and blockages and surges.

Pairing industry-leading domain knowledge, real-time software applications, and life of field services delivers improved measurements for production optimization and allocation, enabling you to maximize the value of and recovery from your asset while ensuring operational safety.

Expert advice available 24/7

Subsea Live service's automated alert feature continuously monitors system performance for suboptimal process and system conditions and notifies you and our 24/7 support engineers. Additionally, the system features a real-time historian database, which makes event-driven data collection and trending of historical data possible.

This information enables us to provide a proactive service through an integrated working methodology with you—securing best practices in operation and maintenance of the products we supply.

Two office employees looking at the FRIEND subsea monitoring system on a TV screen.

Typical features and services

  • Online web portal with access to real-time data from field startup (equipment signature)
  • 'Round-the-clock help desk and access to technical experts
  • Condition- and campaign-based maintenance through monitoring
  • Interactive analysis tools and operational performance indicators for equipment operational assistance
  • Field data interpretation and evaluation and optimized equipment utilization
  • Periodic validation of performance and status
  • Expert assistance for production testing activities
  • Production-specific reporting
  • Web access to project document library and equipment management
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