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Riser Annulus Condition System

RACS is an automated surveillance system that continuously measures the level of water in the flexible riser annulus, eliminating the need for expensive vacuum or pressure testing.

Alarm in case of flooding

A real-time alarm provides early warning of a breach in the flexible riser’s outer sheath.

Characterization of annulus condition

The system provides highly accurate data to assess the armor corrosion risk and flexible pipe life. The data comprises

  • measurement of the water level in the annulus—either seawater that entered through a leak or condensation water that diffused into the annulus
  • sampling, available at any time, to analyze the diffused gas composition
  • measurement of the gas diffusion rate and the annulus and vent port connectivity.

Integration with floating facility

RACS is integrated into floating production facilities and connects to the annular space of flexible risers. Data and alarms are directly ported to the floating facility control system.

Interpretation of acquired data

Data collected by the system enable advanced remodeling of the armor layer fatigue life, making it possible to plan replacement operations or asset life extension, if necessary.

Riser Annulus Condition System
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