Module for the FRIEND remote surveillance and diagnostic system

OneSubsea VFM service enables more accurate and faster field operation decisions by delivering a range of valuable well information:

  • three-phase flow rates for production wells
  • single-phase flow rates for water injection wells
  • automatic detection of changes in formation water breakthrough, GOR, reservoir pressure and temperature, and pressure or temperature sensor drift.

A cost-effective alternative, the VFM service can be used as a multiphase meter replacement, meter backup, or complement to other metering technology, such as the Vx Omni subsea multiphase flowmeter or AquaWatcher water analysis sensor, to provide additional insight and decision-making certainty.

Holistic monitoring and 24/7 access with FRIEND system

The VFM service is available through the FRIEND remote surveillance and diagnostic system, which integrates equipment and production monitoring in one system. The system also enables 24/7 availability to experienced equipment and production engineers with on-demand access to field data.

The product integration means fewer systems on which to train end users and greater opportunity to combine and correlate equipment, flow, and production data.

Near-real-time flow modeling with OLGA simulator

Using measurements and well characteristics, the VFM service estimates flow in the monitoring area with the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator models. These models are continuously calibrated in a managed, automated optimization process by adapting the OLGA simulator model to recent averaged sensor data. Flow rate measurement speed is limited only by the update rate of the sensors used (generally 5–60 s).

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