Real-time performance and condition monitoring for proactive support

Condition monitoring based on real-time data is an integral part of the operational support we provide with our products and systems. The FRIEND remote surveillance and diagnostic system provides valuable information that enables proactive support for operational issues, thereby

  • extending equipment lifetime
  • avoiding interruptions to production
  • reducing operational costs.

Expert advice available 24/7

The FRIEND system features a real-time historian database, which makes event-driven data collection and trending of historical data possible. In addition, the system's automated alert feature continuously monitors system performance for suboptimal process and system conditions and notifies our 24/7 support engineers. This information enables us to provide a proactive service through an integrated working methodology with you—securing best practices in operation and maintenance of the products we supply.

Typical features and services

  • Online web portal with access to real-time data from field startup (equipment signature)
  • Round-the-clock help desk and access to our technical experts on duty
  • Condition- and campaign-based maintenance, invoked by condition monitoring
  • Interactive analysis tools and operational performance indicators for equipment operational assistance
  • Field data interpretation and evaluation and optimized equipment utilization
  • Periodic validation of performance and status
  • Expert assistance for production testing activities
  • Production-specific reporting
  • Web access to project document library and equipment management