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Subsea Retrievable Process Module

Flexible geometry and standardized interface

Our retrievable process modules (RPMs) are designed so that the geometry can evolve to support multiple functions, giving you the freedom to customize the configuration to your project-sensitive components within a module. The standardized interface between the tree and module enables engineering the two in parallel for improved schedule benefits. This is the latest development in the product line that has been previously installed on both trees and manifolds.

Features and benefits

  • Multiple configurations include flowmeters, chokes, sampling, sensors, sand detectors, chemical injection metering valves (CIMVs), and fluid intervention capabilities.
  • High-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) functionalities can be incorporated.
  • Sampling technology allows simultaneous production and sampling.
  • Both production and annulus flow can be incorporated.
  • Standard interface allows interchangeability of modules across subsea tree types.
  • RPMs enable conversion of the subsea tree from production to injection and vice versa.
  • RPMs and subsea trees are manufactured independently, so there is no impact on the tree delivery.
  • Flexible geometry enables future implementations of technologies as need arises.
Subsea retrievable process module.