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Subsea Manifold Systems

Key role in well testing, isolation, sampling, and allocation management

10,000 ft
Water depths
15,000 psi
350 degF

Through standardized processes, common core components, and qualified, field-proven assemblies, OneSubsea can design a subsea manifold tailored to your field architecture and deliver it anywhere globally within 18 months.

These highly configurable solutions are designed to bring greater efficiency and reliability to subsea operations, enabling project viability and helping you meet a range of functionality requirements while driving down capex.

Flexible functionality

Manifolds can be configured to generate numerous structure types:

  • cluster manifolds with two or more well slots
  • pipeline-end manifolds and terminations
  • tie-in structures
  • riser bases and gas export systems
  • template manifolds
  • overtrawlable and fishing-friendly designs.
Offshore manifold being lowered into the water.

OneSubsea standardized manifolds are built from a suite of preauthored QC, material, welding, and coating specifications that simplify and expedite our execution processes.

Field development functions

  • Oil and gas production
  • Water and gas injection
  • Hydraulic, chemical, and electrical distribution
  • Sampling
  • Metering
  • High-integrity pressure protection system operations

Foundation types

  • Suction piles
  • Mudmats
  • Pin piles

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