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Subsea Flowline Connection Systems

Versatile products that provide a solution for every application

Through standardized processes, common core components, and qualified, field-proven assemblies, OneSubsea can deliver standard subsea connection systems anywhere globally within 6 months.

These highly configurable solutions are designed to bring greater efficiency and reliability to subsea operations, enabling project viability and helping you meet a range of functionality requirements while driving down capex.


  • Versatile and efficient OneSubsea clamp systems (OCSs) ensure that there is a connection solution for every application
  • Proprietary dual metal gasket (DMG)
  • Compact design that reduces weight and cost of structures
  • Reduced jumper installation time
  • ROV fly-to-place tooling that eliminates the use of downline
  • In situ insulation capability
Image of a subsea flowline connection

Since 1998, OneSubsea has installed more than 2,500 connecting flowlines and export lines in more than 80 projects worldwide.

CVC flowline connector - vertical

Flexible functionality

  • High load capacity
  • Accommodation of rigid, flexible, or multibore jumper configurations
  • Subsea seal replacement and hub cleaning ability
  • Backseat testing capability
  • Wet parking capability

Unparalleled quality control

The standard connection system is built from a suite of preauthored quality control, material, welding, and coating specifications that simplify and expedite our execution processes. OneSubsea works with approved vendors to ensure that they can manufacture the required components, enabling high confidence in quality and lead time.

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