Agile Schedule for Subsea Production

Ensure reliable delivery and budget certainty with Agile subsea production systems

Standard trees delivered in 12 months or less
Standard trees delivered in 9 months or less
Months of early production enabled
Tree engineering hours saved

Keep subsea development on schedule—and on budget

Traditionally, subsea operators have used a linear, segmented, and often siloed development approach to minimize risk and reduce cost. The resulting project-specific equipment is engineered to order in a transactional and procurement-led process.

This approach occasionally improves upfront costs during a tender—but then typically results in increased total cost of ownership after customization, project delays, risk exposure, and limited operational flexibility.

OneSubsea’s Agile subsea production system (Agile SPS) eliminates wasted time and money with early and constant collaboration that manages change while accelerating the project schedule. Standardization of subsea equipment enables on-time or early delivery, improves rig utilization and well construction timelines, and accelerates first oil production.

Data from 31 fast-track Agile SPS projects as compared with conventional 18-month delivery.

A subsea tree being lowered into the ocean
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Agile SPS keeps subsea production projects on schedule and on budget, improving your planning and economic forecasting and delivering first oil faster.
Case Study: Agile Subsea Production Systems Save bp <60% in SPS Hardware Costs, GOM
Robust, simplified approach optimized infrastructure and accelerated deployment in Mad Dog 2 project

Achieve certainty now and gain future flexibility

A program approach and standardized, configurable products shorten and derisk your schedules, increasing budget certainty across projects.

In the short term, you gain reliable, fit-for-basin technology and unmatched flexibility in planning and forecasting project economics—whether your focus is earlier first oil and ROI or deferred cash flow to meet other drivers within the project.

In the longer term, the standardized subsea tree system and optimized flow path modules continue to deliver flexibility and schedule assurance for the life of the project. For example, late-life conversions from producers to injectors and vice versa are as easy as exchanging a module rather than a whole tree—and with a far shorter timeline.

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