Agile Configurability for Subsea Production

Adapt to dynamic conditions for the life of your subsea field with Agile subsea production systems

Manage change with configurable subsea production equipment

Conventionally, subsea production systems have been engineered to order, incurring many changes over the course of a project. Shifts in oil and gas markets and operator targets led to design changes—and associated costs and delays.

Agile SPS helps you adapt to dynamic conditions through life-of-field configurability. Regardless of your basin’s status, development phase, or current infrastructure, you can manage change with our configurable product platforms, versatile and compatible tooling, and field services solutions.

Build your tree from a strong core platform

The standard tree platform starts with a common core and adapts to your requirements with numerous fit-for-purpose functional modules that address technical challenges without affecting the core performance. This agile configurability enables flexibility in dynamic field conditions while minimizing total cost of ownership for the life of the field.

In particular, our standard configurable vertical tree platform leverages a uniquely adaptable product architecture to facilitate flowline, control, valve, and intervention changes that would require months or years of engineering and manufacturing using conventional equipment and methodologies.

Configurable Vertical Tree Platform
Adapt rapidly with agility using a life-of-field configurable vertical tree platform that enables flexible subsea tree architecture.

Adapt to dynamic reservoir conditions with digitalization

Digitally connected subsea systems deliver the real-time data you need to understand and rapidly respond to reservoir management challenges over the life of your project. Constant collaboration with OneSubsea experts helps expedite equipment changes.

For example, to change a well from a producer to an injector, you simply swap out a flow path module—far faster and easier compared with the conventional solution of engineering a new bespoke tree. In addition, the old producer module can be reused in the same basin or in another basin on the other side of the world, which saves time, cuts costs, and eliminates waste.

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SPE Tech Talk: Agile Subsea Configurability
Listen to James Stewart and Phillip Theriot discuss how a configurable approach enables flexibility in dynamic field conditions.