Subsea Planner on Delfi

Collaborative concept development solution integrating OEM expertise, simulation, and visualization

Accelerated Subsea Concept Selection
Start-to-finish optimization in one digital solution
Reservoir-Informed Screening
In combination with domain expertise and OEM insight
Technical and Economic Feasibility
Assessed in advance as the basis for concept comparison
Emissions Estimation
Advance knowledge of the carbon footprint
Subsea Planner on Delfi
Bring your teams together in Subsea Planner on Delfi to efficiently evaluate concepts and select and configure the most agile, performant subsea asset plan.

Bringing new efficiency to subsea asset planning for accelerating project delivery, first oil, and recovery

The journey to optimized subsea asset production performance begins with the first design concept decision. But until now, the development process has been laborious, without sufficient connectivity of data, people, and processes.

The collaborative field development solution: Subsea Planner on Delfi

Subsea Planner on Delfi gives you a data-informed drag and drop 2D and 3D visualization canvas of your asset across subsurface, subsea, and topside. Multidomain and OEM experts collaborate with your team to conduct physics-based simulations, construct multiple scenarios, evaluate the economics, and estimate emissions to initiate your subsea field’s living plan.

Group of people interacting with the Subsea Planner software along side a team of remote operators

Go further and faster along your subsea production journey by starting with Subsea Planner on Delfi.

What’s better about Subsea Planner on Delfi?

                It's Not
"No" icon  Siloed
"No" icon Sequential workflow
"No" icon Requires team colocation to facilitate communication
"No" icon Separated from simulation, opex, economics, and emissions estimation workflows
"No" icon Lacking critical data availability in the software and connectivity across the field development progression
"No" icon Results in suboptimal plan that doesn’t meet stage gate requirements: Do over

              It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s
               "yes" icon  It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Collaborative
               "yes" icon It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Simultaneous workflows
               "yes" icon It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Contribute from anywhere
               "yes" icon It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Integrated with simulation, opex, economics, and emissions estimation workflows: Everything visualized in one solution
               "yes" icon It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Informed with extensive, detailed equipment catalogs and verified OEM pricing to seamlessly connect to the subsequent field development phases
               "yes" icon It Provides You with a Planning Solution That’s Initiates integrated evergreen model across all development stages and for the life of the field: It’s a go!

Don’t just “plan”: Evaluate technical feasibility and economic viability

Subsea Planner on DELFI integrates a powerful collaborative visualization platform with the cloud-based power of the Delfi cognitive E&P environment. Your planning is informed with reservoir data, equipment specifications, and intuitive workflows for simulation, technical evaluation, and economics assessment. This builds a comprehensive basis for comparing multiple concept designs to converge on an optimized design, including capex and emissions estimates.

Evaluate all the options and plan for the future to inform field development planning

Subsea production is a highly dynamic environment—and market conditions are no less volatile. Subsea Planner on Delfi for exploring multiple technical scenarios. There can be more than one way to balance all the variables and drivers, whereas applying a cookie-cutter approach to subsea design to shave off time typically fails to consider less obvious concept approaches.

And while you are planning for now, you can also take a look at the future. Explore the addition of boosting and compression to realize full asset potential, especially as the produced fluids change in composition, relative volumes, and drive. How much smaller would your equipment—and its emissions footprint—be from introducing electrification to your operations?

As you thoroughly explore all your options in Subsea Planner on Delfi, your validated, derisked concepts and estimates can be seamlessly incorporated in FDPlan on Delfi, an agile field development planning solution. This integration across the Delfi  environment ensures continued optimization along your asset's production journey.