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Reservoir and Wells

Improve subsea success by integrating across

SPE Tech Talk: Integrated Field Development for Optimal Subsea Asset Design

June 30, 2022, 10:00 a.m. CDT


Join OneSubsea’s Ron Pfluger and John Richardson as they explain how the subsea field development service’s engineers accelerate optimizing subsea asset design development by connecting multiple domains within the in-house-developed Subsea Planner collaborative field development solution. Comparing numerous scenarios enables quickly optimizing for high-quality decisions, design innovation, and asset value.


Understanding a reservoir’s characteristics, potential, and key uncertainties provides a solid foundation to establish the right development architecture.

The Reservoir and Wells domain aims to deliver a robust, fit-for-purpose reservoir representation that serves as the foundation to assess production performance and address flow assurance and operability issues.

Furthermore, it provides access to Schlumberger subsurface characterization expertise, state-of-the-art software, and all our technologies that help you address challenges in drilling, well placement, completions, and production.

Multiple subsea models to improve success

A range of reservoir representations and accuracy is available, from simple decline models to fully integrated ones. Our approach embeds simple representative models early in the analysis. This means you can explore how subsea architecture can influence reservoir deliverability, evaluate uncertainty, and identify operational risks.

Two women around holographic subsea field.

Digital and technological integration

Integration of different domains spans software platforms, subsea processes, and subsurface expertise. Our workflows enable effective integration across domains, and our leading digital tools deliver a fully integrated reservoir-to-process and life-of-field solution.

Collaborating with your teams, and from this initial representation of the system, we can help evolve any subsea prospect to an executable field development plan.

Schlumberger engineers analyze subsea data.

Reservoir services

  • Characterization
    • Static and dynamic modeling
    • Dynamic calibration
    • Network coupling
  • Access and connectivity
    • Support on well construction (design)
    • Geomechanics
    • Completions design
  • Deliverability
    • Integrated asset modeling
    • Drainage plans
    • Uncertainty and risk analysis
    • Production forecasts
    • Improved and enhanced oil recovery (IOR and EOR) assessments

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