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SPE Tech Talk: Integrated Field Development for Optimal Subsea Asset Design

June 30, 2022, 10:00 a.m. CDT


Join OneSubsea’s Ron Pfluger and John Richardson as they explain how the subsea field development service’s engineers accelerate optimizing subsea asset design development by connecting multiple domains within the in-house-developed Subsea Planner collaborative field development solution. Comparing numerous scenarios enables quickly optimizing for high-quality decisions, design innovation, and asset value.


OneSubsea subsea field development service transforms the subsea field development process.

The service digitally connects cross-functional domains, promoting collaborative engagement through agile teams and giving you the platform to optimize and accelerate your subsea developments.

An agile and collaborative mindset enables us to deploy lean highly experienced project teams that can efficiently identify, screen, and evaluate several scenarios in a short time-frame.

Together, your people and ours, form one integrated team to collaborate on key criteria, balancing both the technical and economic aspects of the working plan.

This agility allows you to forecast operating performance, maximize the revenue stream, and maintain strict control of capital expenditure—in all stages of the planning cycle.

Two women around holographic subsea field
OneSubsea digitally connected, constantly collaborative engagement for field development enables you to optimize and accelerate your subsea developments with increased execution certainty.
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Simplify field design, select sustainable technology, minimize capex
Rationalize system design to ensure fit for purpose
Assess production performance for optimal opex

Technical domains

The OneSubsea field development team builds a digital representation of the components and dynamics of how your subsea asset will operate and live throughout its life cycle, going beyond schematics and a snapshot design.

Through close asset collaboration and effective execution, our team harnesses its extensive worldwide experience and industry-leading digital tooling to positively influence the design, construction, and operation of the asset. We outline all possible effects of uncertainty and responses under the range of variability considering boundary conditions. This information helps you develop a robust execution plan and establish an effective risk mitigation plan.

The right development architecture is then engineered by understanding and integrating the key elements of four domains.

Subsea System Engineering

Cost optimization and lean system design

Optimize cost efficiency and mitigate risks at all stages, upstream and downstream.

Subsea Performance Modeling

Combining people, software, and technology

Accurately forecast production and economics with pore-to-process integration.

Flow Assurance and Operability

Holistic approach across production lifecycle

Maximize subsea production and productivity.

Reservoir and Wells

Robust, fit-for-purpose representation

Improve subsea success by integrating across domains.

Subsea Planner software demo
Subsea Planner collaborative field development solution gives you dynamic reservoir and production models that change over the lifetime of the field.

Enabling software: Subsea Planner

Our cloud-based Subsea Planner collaborative field development solution provides efficiency and optimization by combining full-field economic calculations with reservoir engineering, production assurance, and subsea technologies and systems spanning the entire planning process in one visually rich environment.

The software comprises three main layers:

  • simulation tools for flow assurance, reservoir, and integrated modeling
  • economic analysis and scenario-comparison layer for accurate pricing at very early stages
  • user interface layer that provides a 2D or 3D visualization of the full asset (subsurface, subsea, and topside) and enables you to collaborate and interact with the economics and simulations.

Spanning field development planning from the reservoir to the host selection, Subsea Planner solution lets you trigger simulation runs as needed and output multiple development scenarios with a comparative full economic evaluation.

Technology access
Market-leading subsea technology access to capture maximum lifecycle value.
Schedule and delivery certainty
Commitment from design to installation to deliver to the plan—on time and on budget.
Sustainable solutions
Simplified field development and innovative technologies to reduce carbon impact.
Connected real-time collaboration
Lean, agile team approach connecting our domain experts, your people, data, and technology.