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Subsea Distribution

Control, communicate with, and optimize your field

The OneSubsea distribution system provides you with a fully integrated subsea system to control, communicate with, and optimize your field.

It comprises seven main field-proven components:

  • umbilicals—dynamic, static, and infield umbilicals can be supplied with the required project configuration of tubes, hoses, electrical cables, and fiber optics to simplify interfaces and reduce delivery time
  • umbilical termination assembly—supporting sizes B and D per the standard outlined by the Umbilical Termination Size Reduction joint industry partnership, with hydraulic stabplates and electrical and fiber-optic termination and distribution
  • umbilical termination head—direct connection of infield umbilicals to subsea structures
  • subsea distribution unit—modular design with several configurations and frame sizes available with the capability to mount communication distribution units (CDUs) or subsea accumulator models as well as electrical distribution units
  • communication distribution unit—highly reliable Ethernet-based communication for distribution and conversion of fiber-optic to copper-based DSL and high speed comms-on-power communication systems, including power distribution, power switching, and power fault detection capabilities
  • flying leads—various configurations for hydraulic, steel tube, electrical, and fiber-optic flying leads to match your layout and connection requirements
  • stab plates—for hydraulic and chemical distribution. In-house manufactured and can be mounted on umbilical termination assemblies, subsea distribution units, subsea trees, manifolds, boosting stations, or flying leads.
Subsea distribution unit and stab plate.
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