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Tree Instrumentation Connectors

Enhance intelligent completions and downhole monitoring

A range of valve-block to tubing-hanger, wet-mate, low-voltage instrumentation connectors have been developed for intelligent completions and downhole monitoring systems.

The connectors are designed for long-term reliability in the tree or tubing hanger environment and are resistant to corrosion in sour wells. They are capable of repeated wet-mate and demate cycles without loss of operational integrity and are rated to 3,000-m water depth.

Closeup of male and female tree instrumentation connectors.


  • Standard and HPHT low-profile, single-pin, single-contact connectors with diameters less than 1 in
  • Standard and HPHT single-pin, dual-contact, nonoriented (concentric) connectors for terminating to downhole twisted pair cable
  • Standard and HPHT single-pin, single-contact connectors that accommodate significant angular, axial, and radial misalignment
  • Subsea wellhead outlets
  • Landing string connectors