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Power Connectors

Reliable subsea and downhole connections for various applications

Diamould power connector.

Our portfolio of Diamould electrical connectors includes single- and three-phase power connectors that provide highly reliable subsea and downhole connections for ESPs and high-horsepower motors up to 2 MW.

The connectors are available in ROV, stab, and subsea wellhead and tubing hanger penetration configurations and are rated to 10,000-ft [3,048-m] water depth.

Tubing hanger connectors

For wellhead applications, the tubing hanger receptacle is configured with electron-beam-welded contacts to form a gas barrier at the tubing hanger. The receptacle is PR2 tested in accordance with API Spec 6A requirements.

For ESP applications, the cable terminates to a dry-mate connector at the rear of the tubing hanger wet-mate receptacle.

The tubing hanger wet- and dry-mate connectors are

  • designed with a round or flat profile up to 2/0 AWG
  • resistant to rapid gas decompression
  • qualified for a 2,000-psi pressure drop (from 3,000 to 1,000 psi) over 2 min.

Umbilical termination

We also provide an umbilical crossover for terminating umbilical power conductors at the subsea umbilical termination head. Each crossover accommodates a power triad with individual conductors up to 300 mm2. The crossover features a central body section with three-off injection-molded thermoplastic contact pins, which form a pressure seal across the housing. At the opposite end of the crossover, silicone-insulated cables exit, running inside an oil-filled subsea hose. The unit is pressure compensating.