20,000-psi Vertical Tree Instrumentation Electrical Feedthrough System | OneSubsea

20,000-psi Vertical Tree Instrumentation Electrical Feedthrough System

HPHT electrical feedthrough for subsea vertical trees

Rated to 20,000 psi [138 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]

The 20,000-psi vertical tree instrumentation electrical feedthrough system (EFS) in the OneSubsea portfolio of Diamould electrical connectors addresses electrical feedthrough pressure barriers for HPHT conditions and delivers the highest pressure and temperature ratings in the industry.

Based on patented and field-proven, wet-mateable technology and cable termination methods, the vertical tree instrumentation EFS provides all the functionality expected from an industry standard, plus differentiating features to improve reliability and long-term performance.

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Tubing hanger wet-mate receptacle (left) and tree wet-mate plug (right).

Reliable performance in HPHT

  • Male pins protected in dielectric-filled wipers to increase the electric tracking distance to earth for corrosion protection when demated
  • Electron-beam-welded electrical pressure barriers that eliminate the need for O-rings
  • Glass-to-metal pressure barriers for robust HPHT performance
  • Tertiary electrical insulation system for improved insulation and temperature
  • Crimp termination technology that provides a clean, repeatable means of cable termination, eliminating potential quality issues and the need for soldered terminations

Improved well integrity

When used for long-term sealing, O-rings are subject to compression set and decompression damage. The vertical tree instrumentation EFS is available with metal-to-metal and glass-to-metal electrical pressure barriers that are qualified to API Spec 6A Product Specification Level (PSL) 3G for well integrity, eliminating the need for O-rings and elastomers as a long-term seal solution in critical wellhead applications.

The system is also in compliance with Intelligent Well Interface Standardization Recommended Practice (IWIS RP A2).