Dynamic Simulation of Integrated Pipeline and Process Models | OneSubsea
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Dynamic simulation using integrated pipeline and process simulators is implemented to investigate slugging effects on subsea compact separation design and control. The pipeline model includes well geometry and production and export pipelines, while the process model includes subsea separation and topside first-stage separation. The two simulation models interface at multiple locations where pressure and flow data are shared. This allows for continuous dynamic simulation from the bottom of the wellbores to topside separation. This coupled simulation model is used to study production over multiple operating scenarios in order to investigate potential slugs and their impact on subsea compact separator design and control.

Accurate prediction of slugs is critical for the safe and efficient design of subsea compact separators. Integration of the pipeline and process models allows for accurate slug prediction by the pipeline model and control system response by the process model. Operating scenarios can be studied to optimize compact separator design, controller tuning parameters and operating philosophy under slug flow conditions.

B. Garner, P. Petit, and J. Unnam, OneSubsea
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