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Morten Stenhaug, VP, Early Technical Engagement, OneSubsea, and Darren Cormell, VP, Field Development, Subsea 7
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Integrated Field Development

Enable, accelerate, and enhance subsea production

Subsea Integrated Field Development
Enable, accelerate, and enhance subsea production

What’s integrated field development planning?

Morten: Integrated field development planning is about looking at the entire picture of our field development, from the reservoir through the well, seabed to topside, and to the point of sales. It's very much about striking a balance between the reservoir and output of the reservoir with the investment into technologies and hardware and looking at this through the life of field to find that perfect balance where you're optimizing the dollar-per-barrel value.

Darren: To add to that, I think we bring together our development planning know-how combined with execution and delivery knowledge with a full range of technical and domain capabilities.

What’s the value the Alliance brings to our clients?

Darren: We're able to reduce costs by looking holistically across the whole system. We’re able to execute projects more quickly through the involvement of contractors early and taking that into integrated project delivery and having a joint schedule. And we're able to assure customers of a robust delivery because of the continuity of our involvement, so getting involved early and delivering that project with confidence.

Morten: Having the capability to really optimize the recovery and finding that balance between investment and output and making sure that we minimize the dollar-per-barrel value, which is absolutely key. As well, we have the end-to-end project execution, being able to do the project from A to Z, timeline-wise and also technology-wise. Last but very importantly is the digitalization as we have amazing digital technologies. We don't use all the buzzwords in the industry, but we have already digitalized the whole field development process through tools and methodologies that we have developed as well as having a decade-long experience with the FRIEND system and monitoring, production system monitoring, and OLGA Online production management system, and so on. I think this really puts us in a great position to differentiate in the market and add value to our clients’ assets.

What makes our early engagement different?

Darren: We're able to deliver different solutions because of our unique combination of capabilities. I’ll give a recent example: We did a lot of detailed simulation work to prove a subsea compression concept. But what brought the project to life was the ability to solve some really important shutdown and logistical challenges that made the project move forward with confidence.

What does the future of the Alliance look like to you?

Darren: I can only see success for our alliance. We've got a great early engagement framework, we're executing integrated projects, and we've got an ambitious innovation agenda. When you bring all of those things together, we can only go from strength to strength.

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