Optimal pump performance with simplified installation

The single-pump subsea station is essentially equivalent to the subsea dual-pump station. The single-pump station is a well-known subsea pump system in the oil and gas industry. It was developed with an emphasis on achieving a symmetrical, flexible, and compact design to simplify installation, optimize pump performance, and ensure compatibility with international standards for subsea equipment.

It comprises three main sections:

  • structural framework
  • piping arrangement with valves and vessels (inlet flow mixer and outlet flow splitter tanks)
  • retrievable items, including the pump, choke insert, control modules, and electrical and hydraulic jumpers.

Enhanced safety and efficiency

The single-pump station has the following functional features to enhance the operating efficiency and safety of the pump and production systems:

  • production bypass
  • pump outlet flow recirculation (for startup and minimum flow conditions)
  • inlet flow mixing and slug suppression (for multiphase flow only)
  • pump isolation for intervention
  • process pressure and temperature monitoring.