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Water analysis sensor

Significantly reduced risks and costs
Enhanced injection and reclamation
More production faster

Revolutionize water management in multiphase and wet gas production.

Using a unique patent-pending measurement-based analysis approach, the AquaWatcher sensor enables chemical dosage based on a measurement of the ratio of chemicals to water downstream of the injection—down to part-per-million precision and in a fraction of a second.

The AquaWatcher sensor can

  • detect minuscule quantities of water in multiphase and wet gas flows and determine the salinity of that water
  • determine the ratio of injected chemicals to water
  • measure the conductivity of produced water at any gas volume fraction (GVF) and most water cuts, including in the transition zone from oil to water continuous mixtures
  • detect breakthrough of injected water in waterflood applications at very low concentrations, providing crucial information about the origin of produced water.
AquaWatcher water analysis sensor.
Process pressure to 20,000 psi [137.9 MPa]
Temperatures to 320 degF [160 degC]
Water depths to 10,000 ft [3,048 m]


  • Water detection at fractions down to a few parts per million
  • Measurement of water conductivity
  • Calculation of water salinity and ratio of injected chemicals to water
  • Direct sending of measurements to a subsea control system, a multiphase flowmeter, or any suitable communications unit

Insights that Assess Performance and Ensure Measurement Accuracy
How can you use AI to create actionable insights from AquaWatcher sensor’s high-accuracy data for maintaining equipment health and prolonging its life, detecting water breakthrough, and managing water production? Go live with Subsea Live data-driven performance service to stay in real-time control of not only sensor performance but also how fluid changes impact the production system overall.
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Flexible deployment options

The AquaWatcher sensor uses the reflection of a microwave signal to measure the permittivity and conductivity of the fluid mixture locally—for example, near the pipe wall in a process pipe. It can be installed anywhere in a subsea production system, including at the wellhead or in a subsea tree, either stand-alone or integrated with a multiphase or wet gas flowmeter.

Oil production

Determine the origin of the water (e.g., the formation, injected water, or a mixture of the two) and adjust water properties for multiphase metering applications.

Wet gas production

Detect the onset of formation water production, measure the rate of formation water, and manage the injection of chemicals for flow assurance and other purposes.