Subsea Power Systems

Parallel development with subsea boosting systems

OneSubsea is the industry leader in developing subsea pumping systems with electrically powered rotating machinery. From the very beginning, we have developed the required subsea power system as an integral part of the overall system.

When we developed the first subsea boosting systems, only limited solutions were available for operating electrical equipment in subsea applications. Necessary competence in the subsea power domain was established in house, and this has been instrumental in the successful application of boosting systems in the industry. The first complete subsea power system was our electrical submerged multiphase booster system, qualified in 1994.

White technology with long yellow power wires.

Support for satellite developments

From an early stage, the boosting technology was designed to support satellite developments with tiebacks to existing facilities. One goal was to develop boosting systems for 50-km tiebacks. To achieve this goal with the robustness required for subsea applications, we began developing and improving solutions for driving pumps and compressors for both longer and shorter tiebacks. This development and improvement continues to the present day.

Areas of ongoing focus

  • Variable speed drives for motors combined with long step-out
  • Combined power and control umbilicals
  • Subsea power connections and terminations
  • Intervention and tie-in solutions
  • Subsea transformers
  • Subsea variable speed drives
  • Condition monitoring of subsea power systems

Flexibility in operation and the ability to handle off-design conditions are important features of boosting systems. Variable speed drives are a key mechanism for achieving these goals. These drives are also required for startup of equipment with long motor cables and to manage a large variety of process startup conditions.