Powering Subsea Recovery

Achieve and sustain greater productivity

Gaining greater control to maximize recovery

When it comes to optimizing recovery, the one thing you need most is control—control over fluids, pressures, and whatever operating conditions and production challenges that test your project.

That’s where OneSubsea's suite of subsea processing systems come in, enabling you to maintain optimal drawdown pressure. They give you more options to achieve and sustain your production objectives. For example, flexible wellhead pressure enables low-pressure wells to produce without the need to choke back stronger wells and sacrifice overall recovery rates. Multiphase boosting at the seabed can also provide greater control over individual well drainage to manage production challenges like water and gas coning.

With this more proactive approach to recovery management, you can manage productivity in even the most challenging reservoirs by balancing contributions from individual wells and stabilizing production rates—maximizing recovery, while giving your assets the best protection possible.

We work together with our customers in all phases of a field's life, leveraging our global experience and multidisciplinary expertise to help optimize production. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your field.

Powering subsea recovery—equipment on sea floor