Powering Returns

Maximize production earlier and decrease payback time

Maximize returns with subsea boosting and compression

How would you like a 20% increase in the returns from your wells? What about 200%? Subsea boosting and compression systems can unlock your field’s full potential by increasing drawdown beyond what is possible with the reservoir's natural drive.

Subsea boosting and compression systems accelerate recovery and improve flow rates, helping you achieve higher production earlier in the project cycle to decrease payback time. More control over drawdown also enables effective management of the reservoir, maximizing both the efficiency and life cycle of all your assets.

By enabling long tiebacks to existing infrastructure, these systems minimize capex and project lead times as well as enable production from otherwise unviable fields.

Powering subsea returns
Subsea Boosting System Estimated to Increase Recovery by 10%–30%
An operator in the ultradeep waters of the Gulf of Mexico wanted to improve the recovery of hydrocarbons in tight reservoirs. OneSubsea recommended a subsea boosting system that included three subsea pump stations and three subsea control modules. The successfully commissioned system has the potential to increase total oil recovery by an estimated 50–150 million barrels.
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