Powering Production Assurance

Keep produced fluids moving

Keeping produced fluids moving to optimize flow

A reliable, consistent flow—it’s what every reservoir in the world aims for, especially with heavy oil. With increasing water cut, high emulsion viscosities, and heavy oil limiting natural production, more oil fields are turning to multiphase boosting to enable field development and improved oil recovery.

Our subsea processing systems help you maintain stable pressure across your entire system to keep produced fluids moving—even in testing reservoir conditions of less than 20 API gravity or viscosities greater than 0.2 Pa.s (200 cP).

Each of our high-viscosity, high-boost multiphase pumps have been specially designed and rigorously developed in the field to give you greater mobility. By enabling you to manage pressure and temperature, they help you optimize flow while also reducing the risk of scale and asphaltene deposition.

Powering subsea flow assurance

Lowering liquid viscosity to reduce heating requirements

Subsea operators may have to heat pipelines to decrease the viscosity of the produced fluid. This significantly reduces pipeline friction and enables higher-rate production.

Our boosting systems efficiently lower fluid viscosity through a proprietary recirculation feature, which can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for pipeline heating.

Improving gas production

Subsea multiphase compression systems are the most effective method of enhancing gas production for underwater applications. The compressor can operate in any flow regime—with liquid fractions ranging from 0% to 100%—and tolerates sand and solids.

Subsea compressors regulate the well's backpressure and thus constitute an effective pressure filter toward topside. This gives operators greater flexibility with well operation without disturbing topside pressures.