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Powered Production

Powered production. Intelligent recovery.

How can you achieve the full asset potential?

Today’s subsea production management is reactive. It relies predominantly on the pressure of the reservoir to drive flow through the water column from wellhead to host—drive that is always decreasing or decaying. With poor feedback, production changes can only be achieved through large adjustments such as choking back the well. This makes fine-tuning almost impossible without incurring negative consequences to both production and recovery:

  • Production flows to lowest pressure wells unless the strongest wells are choked back; it's better to boost the weaker wells or all wells to provide the greatest production management.
  • Gas handling adds cost and equipment (gas pumps, chokes, and manifolds).
  • More gas means more flow assurance issues with slugging, hydrates, and scaling.
Powered production systems increases reservoir productivity and revenue.

The answer? Powered production.

Relying solely on reservoir drive means pressure, productivity, and recovery decline at a faster rate than necessary. By introducing powered production, you can avoid the financial losses that result from relying on reservoir drive alone. Designed and engineered for the unique challenges posed by specific subsea applications—heavy oil, long tiebacks, deepwater fields, and mature assets—OneSubsea powered production systems help you achieve full asset potential.

Powered production technologies

At the core of powered production systems is OneSubsea's industry-leading single-phase boosting pump, the multiphase boosting pump, and multiphase compressor. These technologies are powering production in some of the world’s most ambitious subsea projects. From the heavy oil fields of the Republic of Congo to the uncompromising Australian brownfields, we have a track record of delivering a significant return on investment and operational improvement on a global stage.

Powered production systems provide boosting power.
Powered production systems provide compression power.

How are we powering production?

Powered production enables you to go further and reach targets using proactive reservoir management so you can gain control over drawdown, improve fluid flow, optimize field development, and produce more efficiently while maximizing your returns.

Field architecture
Reach targets quicker using fewer, more productive wells to reduce capex.
Flow assurance
Maintain stable pressure across the entire system and keep produced fluids moving.
Improve reservoir flow to maximize production earlier and decrease payback time.
Optimize drawdown pressure to protect your reservoir and manage water and gas breakthrough.
Energy efficiency
Improve field development to significantly reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs.
Recover the vast reserves of offshore natural gas more efficiently than before.

Subsea Boosting Systems

Handle GVFs up to 100% mechanically and fluid viscosities from 1 to 4,000 cP at startup.

Subsea Multiphase Compression System

Eliminate requirements for upstream separation or antisurge systems.

Subsea Multiphase Meters & Measurement Systems

Continuously measure individual phases without prior separation.

Subsea Separation

Enhance two- and three-phase separation and solids removal.

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