A Brownfield Optimization Case Study

Challenge: A naturally producing field was in decline and failing to meet production targets and economic goals. The reservoir was unable to overcome the back pressure in the system resulting in underutilized facilities.

Pore to Process Approach: The combined team of OneSubsea experts in reservoir engineering, production assurance and equipment specialists undertook a holistic examination of the field performance. Taking into account the existing field production system architecture and a history-matched reservoir model, the team created an integrated asset model (IAM) to simulate the production and financial impact of different artificial lift methods.

OneSubsea Solution: The simulations showed that the additional energy the reservoir required to meet the production targets could be achieved through the intelligent combination of multiphase boosting and electric submersible pumps (ESP). By boosting production and extending the time on plateau, the OPEX was optimized and the overall field profitability increased.