The key to achieving optimal field production is early engagement, whereby you can anticipate challenges, model scenarios, and ultimately improve decisions. Through collaboration in this initial phase, OneSubsea experts work together with clients to generate complete subsea development options and design optimal equipment architecture for the life of the field. We integrate comprehensive reservoir simulations with detailed well in-network models that incorporate artificial lift options, electronic submersible pumps (ESPs), gas lift, and multiphase pumps, and recommend a number of solutions to help eliminate future operational issues and avoid the need for costly change orders later in the process.

The OneSubsea Pore to Process business model focuses on optimizing production, increasing reservoir recovery and, ultimately, maximizing return on investment over the extended life of the asset. By collaborating with operators to facilitate a more holistic approach to subsea development decisions, we can reduce risk and increase rewards. This is most effectively achieved by partnering with operators at the earliest stage of evaluating the possibilities of developing subsea. We bring in a unique set of capabilities and domain expertise and integrate them to help narrow down the options that will produce the most lucrative return on investment.

We create an integrated asset model (IAM) by coupling subsurface knowledge with subsea equipment architecture and modeling the dynamic activity of the reservoir over time, so that changes in production are anticipated – the benefit of this is that the client can develop a plan for the life of their field, to ensure that it is designed with the right hardware capabilities to maintain or increase production and recovery as the hydrocarbon reserves deplete.